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The Law of Attention, Nada yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance

The inner sound

Excerpts Chapter 27

27 - Meditation with Slow Walking and Breathing (Part One)
It is not enough to have known higher states of consciousness during meditation only when sitting still. It is necessary to try to maintain this state of self-recollectedness... next


Preface by Ajahn Sumedho
Note from the author 
Introduction -
A reflection -
1 - Birth and self-forgetfulness
2 - The attention and its importance.
3 - The body and self-recollectedness
4 - The aspirant’s attitude when alone
5 - The slavery of wrong personal consideration
6 - Inner work in outer life conditions
7 - Sva-Vani-Sravana-Yoga, Yoga of listening to the sound of one’s voice
8 - Efforts and sincerity
9 - The mysterious role of suffering
10 - Nada-Yoga, Yoga of the inner Sound (part one)
11 - Nada-Yoga, Yoga of the inner Sound (part two)
12 - Nada-Yoga, Yoga of the inner Sound (part three)
13 - Nada-Yoga, Yoga of the inner Sound (part four)
14 - Nada-Yoga, Yoga of the inner Sound (part five)
15 - The practice of concentration while walking outside
16 - Hidden tendencies and the meaning of renunciation
17 - Tapas (self-denials) and their true significance
18 - Earthly existence as indispensable means for transformation
19 - Yoga of the void
20 - Problems in meditation and their equivalent when dying
21 - Hatha-Yoga (part one)
22 - Hatha-Yoga (part two)
23 - Hatha-Yoga (part three)
24 - Time and Eternity
25 - Meditation and the after-death state.
26 - The importance of cyclic recurrence in the Universe
27 - Meditation with slow walking and breathing (part one)
28 - Meditation with slow walking and breathing (part two)
29 - Meditation with slow walking and breathing (part thrce)
30 - Meditation with slow walking and breathing (part four)
31 - The interaction of forces in the Universe and life
32 - The power of hidden influences emanating from beings and things
33 - Actions and their consequences in the world
34 - The trace that thoughts, words and deeds leave
35 - The human being thinks himself into what he is
36 - Accidental forces and their effect on a person’s being
37 - Seeing and hearing
38 - Exercise with the sacred syllable OM
39 - Sadhana and Enlightenment (part one)
40 - Sadhana and Enlightenment (part two)
41 - Sadhana and Enlightenment (part three)
42 - The further understanding of right effort
43 - The price of Enlightenment
44 - Mother and child
45 - Man and woman
46 - Food and the human being
47 - The Spectator and the spectacle
48 - Conclusion and summary (with some final advice and reminders)
About the author.

Republished and released in February 2010 by Inner Tradition, this book has already been translated in French (fourth edition), see the French page
in German, in Portuguese and Czech.

Ajahn Sumedho, first abbott of Amaravati, wrote a short preface for this new edition.

Laung Poh Luang Por Ajahn Sumedho is the most senior representative of the Thai Forest Tradition of Theraveda Buddhism in the West.
He was integral in establishing the Forest Sangha tradition in England and the Amaravati Buddhist Monastery and Chithurst Buddhist Monastery, both in England.

Praise for the Law of attention :

« The Law of Attention (the Way of Inner Vigilance) is a remarkable book filled with clear guidance that presents a strong call for the total dedication of one's life in the quest of supreme enlightenment. With Edward Salim Michael's uncompromising emphasis on integrity and effort this is not a book for the faint hearted or dilettante, but I would recommend all serious aspirants to read this book again and again both for its inspiration and its precise instructions. Although not a specifically Buddhist text, the path mapped out and advice so meticulously given render it a suitable companion and guide for any spiritual traveller. »

Jetsunma Tenzin Palmo, founder of Dongyu Gatsal Ling Nunnery - subject of Cave in the Snow by Vicki Mackenzie & author of Reflections on a Mountain Lake.

« This fine book offers, without doubt, the clearest and most comprehensive description of 'Nada Yoga' (meditation on the inner sound ) that is available in the English language. This is a practice that is known in Vedic, Buddhist and other traditions to be a powerful and liberating spiritual discipline and is also one that I have used for over twenty-five years, to great benefit. »

Ajahn Amaro, Ajahn Sumedho's disciple, abbott of Amaravati monastery in the Forest lineage of the Theravada  Buddhist tradition.

« The Law of Attention (the Way of Inner Vigilance) is a remarkable guide for all those who wish to find the treasure that lies within each of us. Edward Salim Michael has given us both a guide to the path that leads within and words of encouraging instruction for those times when the way is difficult. His words reflect a life dedicated to spiritual practice. »

Reverende Serena Seidner, Shasta Abbey,
Zen Tradition.

« Edward Salim Michael's teaching goes straight to the heart, making us realize the commitment, energy and love it takes to realise the truth at the deepest level.
This book is a spiritual friend and guide for all seekers of Truth. »

Ajahn Sundara, nun of Amaravati monastery in the Forest lineage of the Theravada  Buddhist tradition.