Practicing day of Edward Salim Michael’s teaching – Information


During this confinement period, we offer everyone the possibility of a day of practice at home thanks to a video support. The session is free.

This video support consists of four videos chained together, in real time, (two for the morning , two for the afternoon) for a total of 6 hours, which represents a full day of practice.

“It is imperative that a seeker be capable of clearly distinguishing between his ordinary mind (most of the time filled with meaningless reveries) and a higher state of pure consciousness, free from such useless dreaming—which is the key to the enigmatic mystery of his true being. To discern and comprehend this condition in oneself without any doubt will be the start of knowing one’s way and the direction to which one’s attention and efforts must be directed from then onward. “ The Law of Attention chap 21

It is necessary to register here : Https://

Once you have registered, you will receive an email to give you access to the session. Please check your SPAM folder.
Use this link the day you’re ready to do the session, and follow the instructions.

To make the most of this session, it is better to do it all at once, it is nevertheless possible to do it in two half-days, just re-register.

This day does not require any particular ability, it is nevertheless preferable to have read at least one work by Edward Salim Michael (in particular The Law of Attention, his first work)

Salim often speaks in videos of an inner sound called in India the Nada, which is used as a support of concentration and which was very important for him.

If you want to know more about the Nada, before starting the practice, follow this link.

If you do not hear this inner sound, this does not prevent the practice, there are other fundamental supports , in particular the global bodily sensation and breathing.

This session will be offered during the period of confinement.