Edward Michael Salim has published some articles in several magazines including : La Revue Française de Yoga (France) et Les Chemins du Yoga (Belgium). In January 2003 he was interviewed by the magazine Buddhist Samsara. But mainly, he has published numerous articles in the magazine Le 3ème Millénaire.

Comment on the Tibetan Book of the Dead – The Bardo Thodol :

As he is ordinarily, the human being does not realize to what extent, or in what manner, life and death are closely linked. During his whole lifetime, it never occurs to him that, at each moment that passes by, he is in the process of dying… next

Enlightenment and Liberation :

Until an aspirant has not reached a certain degree of enlightenment, his spiritual practice can not truly begin. He will not understand this work nor what is at stake for him. He will simply remain prisoner with fantastic ideas and imaginations on spirituality arising from his ordinary self and containing no truth… next

The role of Great Music in Existence : 

Before tackling the role that great music can play in life, first, it is necessary to speak about a troubling phenomenon which has swept over modern man, namely, that it has become an obsession for him… next

Homage  to  Salim Michael  by  Michèle Michael

Salim sometimes said with astonished gratitude: “It was God who ran after me.” He was referring to a man who would become a dear friend to him and who, on an icy night in December, 1949, had run behind him in a road in London… next