11 – The Fruits of Practice

If the seeker can succeed in maintaining an intense state of presence to himself both in meditation and in active life, he will start to reach beyond the boundaries of space and time and know spiritual experiences which will forever transform his understanding of himself and the world which surrounds him.

The Law of Attention : Chapter 28

If the aspirant can attain the stage where his attention is held without fluctuating, then he will begin to feel a most subtle “interiorization” and “descent” into himself gently taking place. A curious heat will start spreading from his abdomen across his body, and a most unusual feeling of continuity of being will pervade him. The singular feeling of being mysteriously weightless will arise in him as if suspended in space like a seemingly immobile cloud hanging in the sky on a windless day, gradually changing to that of beginning to merge into and become the space itself. A most fine and ethereal energy will delicately permeate his whole being, miraculously transforming his feeling of himself and his consciousness. This extraordinary sensation of transparency of being and of consciousness will bring with it an unparalleled felicity and delicious peace beyond any words.
Furthermore, this wondrous Nada will sing its mysterious song inside his head, and his head will seem to become strangely translucent, with his consciousness extending out in all directions around him.
This sublime Nada will sing in his ears with such supernal beauty and intensity that the entire Cosmos will appear to be vibrating with it. Nothing else will seem to exist but this enigmatic song of the Divine, composed of all the subtle harmonies and ultrasounds in the mystical world, ever vibrating through space far into infinity—this strange song eternally giving out a secret message for those who have ears to hear and the sensitive intuition to understand and appreciate it. It could even sometimes seem to the aspirant that this primordial sound or vibration is the Divine!

Fruits of the Path to Awakening – Chapter 6

When an aspirant manages really to see what is in front of him, whether it be an animal, a mountain, a plant, etc., he has in a way which normally is incomprehensible, possessed it ! He has acquired a special wealth which bears no relation to the fleeting possessions of this world. If, as a result of his efforts to remain intensely conscious and present to himself, he manages truly to see the thing his gaze has fixed on, a rose bush for example, and to maintain for a sufficiently long period this way of looking which is unusual for him, he will be able, if one may say, to penetrate this fragile plant’s being, in such a way as to establish an extremely subtle communion through which he will start to grasp the sort of consciousness and particular feeling it has of itself, the type of joys and fears which it feels, its kind of reaction faced with the threat of imminent death, and so on.
At this extraordinary moment, he will be astonished to discover that even an apparently inanimate stone knows a form of consciousness. In reality, there is nothing in this Universe which is not alive!

The Law of Attention :  Chapter 14

When the aspirant succeeds in holding onto this sacred sound in such difficult conditions without losing it, a moment will finally arrive when he will become strangely distant from himself, and he will start viewing everything around him from another perspective altogether. He will feel that his vision seems to have inexplicably receded to the outside top part of the back of his head, from where he silently and impartially begins to witness all that is taking place around him. Everything will then be seen to be in a constant state of flux. From this uninvolved position, he will perceive that there is absolutely nothing permanent in any animate or inanimate object that meets his gaze.
The whole panorama of outer existence will appear to unfurl in front of him as a sort of strange and fantastic dream. And behind it all, he will mysteriously see through his mind’s eye, so to speak, the unity of all things—”That” which is pervading him and everything else at the same time.

Obstacles to Enlightenment and Liberation – Chapter 8

Exercise walking outside

He must always keep it up; tirelessly keep up the effort to stay concentrated (without looking for results), to the point of managing to feel outside of the phenomenal world and time.
He will then see the mobility and transience of existential life in all their reality; an eternally changing existential life which he will perceive as being separate from him. And, through the expansion of consciousness which will occur within him at that time, the movement of time will also alter. Everything will seem to unfold in front of him as if in a strange ephemeral dream—an ephemeral dream from which he will have awakened and which he will be contemplating through the enigmatic gaze of a Silent and Unchanging Witness which will seem to him, in a manner normally inexplicable, to be himsel!

The seeker must not be satisfied with a simple reading on the outcome of another’s efforts and passively accept them. He must experiment by himself through a direct inner perception which will be the result of his own efforts.