2 – Awakening

To arrive at this experience, the seeker must awaken from the foggy state of inner chatter in which he is internally immersed and which he considers to be normal. He needs to stop the flood of uncontrolled thoughts which follow one another in his mind without respite.

In the Silence of the Unfathomable – Chapter 1

As the human being is ordinarily, because of a very curious state of absence to himself in which he generally passes his life, it is impossible for him to suspect that when he wakes from his nocturnal sleep, he nevertheless continues to sleep, only in a different way, which eludes him.
Indeed, just as his consciousness is subject to unceasing changes over the course of his nocturnal dreams (depending on the type of thoughts and imaginings which arise and fade away in him, uncontrolled on his part), in the same way during the day, he falls prey, unbeknownst to him, to mental processes which likewise are uncontrolled and disordered. However, as has just been stated, because of his customary state of absence to himself, he is unaware of this. It is precisely because of this tragic state of waking sleep in which most human beings live that humanity finds itself plunged into such chaos and endures so much suffering.
When someone is lost in his nocturnal sleep, he does not know he is sleeping ! Only upon awakening can he become aware of the fact that he was asleep an instant ago. The same goes for the seeker: only when he manages to detach himself somewhat from his usual state of inner absence, through a specific concentration exercise, can he realize that he was indeed asleep within himself a moment earlier.
It is precisely the act of having seen clearly the difference that there is between his customary state of inner absence, or in other words, waking sleep, in which he was enshrouded a moment before, and the brief instant when he succeeded in awakening a little which comprises the decisive step and the very essence of all the spiritual work he must accomplish on himself.

Fruits of the Path to Awakening – Chapter 10

At the beginning, it is unlikely that seekers comprehend the full extent of the tragedy of this curious absence to themselves which, as soon as they stop concentrating in their meditation sessions or their spiritual exercises, immediately seizes them without their knowing, and because of the strange hypnotic force it wields over them, they can remain in for the rest of the day—or even their existence. So, when they want to sit down and restart meditation, they are, without being aware of it, only starting from the “bottom” again !

Once again, they will have to go to lengthy, arduous efforts—if they are sufficiently serious—in order to “rise” again in themselves when practicing meditation, to be more or less able to re-attain a state of being and consciousness inside themselves which will elevate them somewhat. However, as soon as they stop concentrating, they will experience the same problem: this dark and almost insurmountable waking sleep which engulfs them again when they get lost in the fog of their customary daydreaming.

Inner Awakening and Practice of Nada Yoga – Chapter 8

The tragedy of his incarnation resides in the fact that, without being aware of it, the human being never lives in the present moment; he continually pictures himself in the future and anticipates it constantly. Moreover, his eyes only look to the future relative to his past experiences, because he neither succeeds in erasing from his mind what he was, nor what he imagines he will become. Hence, for him, the past never ceases from projecting itself into the future; and eternity, which is to be found in the present, always escapes him.
Hardly has the present instant arrived when it disappears into what seems to be an unfathomable nothingness. Each instant moves towards another and becomes another instant with every fraction of a second. However, behind this uninterrupted temporal movement, something remains mysteriously unaltered. In spite of the continual changes in external life and despite the unceasing movement of time, the human being, without his being aware of it, cannot avoid experiencing the strange and inexplicable feeling of always existing or being !