Listen to  Edward Salim Michael’s music

Below the pieces proposed on You tube, it is possible to listen to other works on the site dedicated to the composer

1 – Mass

Mass for mixed choirs, two string orchestras, celesta, harp, glockenspiel, and percussion. National Orchestra conducted by Eugène Bigot. 1956. RTF (French public service broadcasting)

2 – Nocturne

for flute solo or Martenot waves and orchestra
(Lili Boulanger Prize). 6’30 – 1955

3 – KAMAAL – Symphonic Tale for narrator and orchestra

Story and music by Edward Michael.
Recorded in 1961 – The text exists in four langages : French, English, German and italian
The composer’s interest in mysticism and Yoga has inspired this work. It is an inner mystical journey, leading to the discovery of one’s hidden real Self and higher consciousness, symbolized here by the « City of Light »
This is the story of a young boy called Kamaal, who lost in an enchanted forest discovers a city of extraordinary and great beauty called « The City of Light ». But Kamaal was not allowed to enter this city; the boy had to first prove himself worthy. He had to find a rare flower, called « the flower of immortality », which entailed a strangely difficult and hazardous journey. After much trials and dangers , Kamaal finally succeeded to find this flower and the boy, thus, won the right to enter and live in the city of Light.
The music in this work is mainly modal, and is exotic and mysterious in character. It is very colourfully orchestrated and evokes a strange fairy-like and mystical inner world.

4 – Rapsodie concertante

Rhapsody Concertante for violin and orchestra 14’ – 1946 – In this recording, the composer plays the violin. The piece was also performed in 1967 by the Orchestra of Lille conducted by Raymond Chevreux.

5 – The Dyonisies for orchestra

The composer was 21 years old when he won a prize for this piece in 1942. His piece was played at the Albert Hall by the London Philharmonic Orchestra. He started studying music only two years ago.

6 – Le Chant d’Espérance (Song of Hope)

Piece for cello and piano

Chant d’Espérance (Song of Hope) for cello and piano. 18’30”

1971 Cité des Arts, Salle Edmond Michelet with Frédéric Lodéon (cello).

1998 Brussels and Liège – piano Isabelle Aubier –  cello Didier Poskin

1999 Paris and Belgium – numerous concerts (CD)

2000 Belgium numerous concerts