Michele Michael

Michèle Michael was already involved in practicing Zen when she met Edward Salim Michael in 1974.  It was then that she encountered the teaching of Edward Salim Michael, based on meditative practice and the development of vigilance in everyday life, following an experimental approach, belonging to no tradition.

Because of the fact that Edward Salim Michael had never been to school and had no mother tongue, she took several years to convince him to embark upon writing a first book.

This book, THE WAY OF INNER VIGILANCE, would be written in English and demanded the unremitting work of its author for four years. The correction of the syntax of sentences required close collaboration with Michèle Michael who had to tackle a full-time job, family responsibilities and work on the English and French versions of the book in parallel.
In 1983, when this first book simultaneously came out in English in London and in French in Belgium, she married Edward Salim Michael with whom she would continue to collaborate closely, assisting him in writing his seven other books written directly in French.

Aside from these, Edward Salim Michael and Michèle Michael published a translation of the DHAMMAPADA, the famous Buddhist text.

In addition to his spiritual journey, Michèle Michael collected Edward Salim Michael’s memories and reflections which she put together in his biography published in French in 2013 and in English in 2015 under the title of “THE PRICE OF A REMARKABLE DESTINY” .

In 2017, Michèle Michael published JOURNEYS IN LANDS  OF AWAKENING AND SAINTHOOD in which she brings to light the common denominators between out-of-the-ordinary beings who, while apparently so different, have climbed the ladder leading to the ultimate realization. The book examines what the heart of a spiritual practice is, beyond the factors belonging to a culture, an era, a religion, so as not to define a single possible path, but to identify the obligatory passages, the necessary steps if one hopes, like these people, one day to enter into lands of awakening and sainthood.