The Purpose of a Spiritual Practice

An exceptional teaching, the result of fifty years of intensive spiritual practice

Awakening and Enlightenment

The human being seeks to know his Celestial Being, his Supreme Being, but he believes he must add It to what he is. It is not a question of adding something to what one is.
It is not a question of acquiring or adding something to what one is, to become better, but the point is to change.

Transform tendencies

So then, I must make some efforts, how do I make these efforts with all my sincerity, in all seriousness, but without forcing. How? by understanding the necessity for it. Then I am going to find myself to abandon, give up, let go of this, of that, not important, not important, the only important thing is this evolution that awaits me…

To liberate oneself from the past

All spiritual practice that one does at home or in the street or meditation becomes a habit. It has to be new to me as if I know nothing, I start again otherwise I bring yesterday in now, and I close the door with it. It’s amazing how yesterday is influencing the future and now is lost for me. I do not know how to be, yes, empty, now, not influenced by the past.