4 – The Vital Role of Attention

It is from the moment the aspirant has clearly felt this difference between his usual state of “waking sleep,” where he passively follows the associations of thoughts and images which follow one another without respite in his mind, and another state of being where he is attentive, present and conscious of himself in a way which is not usual for him, that he will know in which direction to carry his efforts forward.
He will then see for himself the difficulty of remaining in this state of inner presence, because the slightest thought, the slightest preoccupation, the most fleeting desire suffice to sweep him away again and make him plunge back into his “waking sleep.”

The Law of Attention – Chapter 2

The human being’s attention is the most precious treasure he possesses.
All living creatures, including humans, are totally dependent on their attention for the maintenance and safeguarding of their earthly lives.
On the higher planes of life, the human being’s attention plays a particularly vital role in great artistic creations and in the discovery of mathematical and scientific truths.
It is with the attention, when used constructively, that a true yogi or a great creative artist arrives at prodigious achievements. It is equally with the attention, when used negatively, that all evil actions and destructive works are brought about.

Inner Awakening and Practice of Nada-Yoga – Chapter 7

Usually, the human being is neither aware to what point nor in what way his attention comprises a sort of flammable substance, because it is only through it that his thoughts and imaginings may find the force to manifest themselves and subsist within him. Without his being aware of it, his attention acts like an essential combustible material thanks to which his mind can daydream and drift wherever it pleases him—just like oil in a lamp, which supplies and keeps the wick’s flame alive !
However, the Divine Aspect in the human being, It too needs this flammable substance, his attention, to be able to bloom in his being and manifest Itself in him.

Inner Awakening and Practice of Nada-yoga – Chapter 6

In any serious spiritual practice, it is the seeker’s attention which is the link, par excellence, between the Sublime and himself. This, to which he agrees—consciously or not—to give his attention throughout his earthly existence, and the intensity with which this attention is used, play a predominant role, not only in determining the direction his life will take, but also by shaping his being into what he will become.
One cannot escape what one is because of the way one has used one’s attention in the past; and the future depends solely on the use that one makes of one’s attention in the present moment.

Awakening : a Matter of Life or Death – Chapter 2

The seeker must descend into his innermost being in order to manage to create in himself an intense silence solely from which will it be possible for him to comprehend, in a manner which will disconcert him, that attention, within him as well as every other human being, is a treasure which does not belong to him—it is only on loan to him—and that whatever the thing or person to which he agrees to give his attention, it is there that he will inevitably find himself !
Therefore, should he not be extremely careful in regard to that on which he may afford to use this treasure, his “attention” ?