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Practice of Edward Salim Michael's teaching

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Teaching Video Excerpt

“Behind all the grief of existential life, behind all its worries, behind all its incessant movements and changes, behind all its moral and physical suffering, there exists an Unchanging Reality.
To know this Reality before the mist of death descends over him and puts an end to his life, comprises the most precious treasure that an aspirant can ever find.
One single instant impregnated with this Reality, one single moment lived in this Reality, one single second where the seeker’s conscience has touched even only the fringe of this Reality is worth more than all the pleasures and all the wealth in this world multiplied a thousand times by a thousand – even if these pleasures and this wealth could last an eternity !”
Edward Salim Michael – The Supreme Quest – Chapter 4

This website is meant to provide assistance and a means of gathering together an informal community of people wishing to put into practice the different means that Edward Salim Michael taught his students.

The practice hinges upon four areas:

1 – Edward Salim Michael’s TEACHING VIDEOS on this website.

2 – On our blog : MEETINGS ON A PATH TO AWAKENING, posting texts which put Salim Michael’s teachings into perspective with other spiritual, artistic or scientific sources.

3 - Short exerpts of Edward Salim Michael's books on our Face Book page

4 - Practice sessions with  Michele Michael (Nice) :

Sessions (of one day) are open to everyone.
However, it is preferable to have read one of Edward Salim Michael’s books beforehand.

A TYPICAL DAY: the session alternates between specific exercises, which unify the mind, body and feeling to achieve a foretaste of the beginning of another state of being and consciousness in a “continual nowness”, and short guided meditations followed by meditation walks.
Participants are assisted by the books’ texts and Edward Salim Michael’s videos.

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