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Edward Salim Michael

Salim Michael

Meditation techniques : Meditation Techniques.


October 2014

Les Obstacles à l'Illumination et à la Libération,
(The Obstacles to Enlightenment and Liberation)
has been republished  in a revised edition by the author
at Editions Guy Tredaniel.


In 1958, Edward Salim Michael won  the Lili Boulanger Price in the United States for this Nocturne.
Stravinski and Aaron Copland were in the jury.

This piece can be listened to on you tube


Edward Salim MIchael was 21 years old when he won a competition in London, during the second world war in 1942 with a scherzo for orchestra, The Dyonisies. He had started to study music only two years ago.
This piece can be listened to on you tube


September 2013
La Voie de la Vigilance Intérieure, Edward Salim Michael's first book  (written in English and translated into French by his wife Michele Michael) has been republished and released by Editions Guy Tredaniel .


Edward Salim Michael was a symphonic composer.

It is possible to listen to his Mass on you tube


"Le Prix d'un Destin Remarquable" (The Price of a Remarkable Destiny)

Edward Salim Michael's biography written by Michele Michael has been released by Guy Tredaniel Publisher at the beginning of February 2013 


November 2012  : a new video of Edward Salim Michael

on inner and outer immobility  : see here

March 2012  a new video of Salim Michael

about levels of enligtenment and satori  : see here


 January 2011 - Edward Salim Michael's practice with the inner sound, the Nada
Interview by James Bean with Michele Michael on the Spiritual Awakening Radio


March 2010 - The Law of attention, Nada Yoga and the Way of Inner Vigilance
Edward Salim Michael's first book :The Way of Inner Vigilance (written in English) has been republished and released by Inner Tradition under the new title :The Law of Attention, Nada yoga and the way of inner vigilance.


March 2010 - Pratique spirituelle et éveil intérieur
has been republished at Editions Guy Tredaniel in a revised edition by the author.


2008 - Du Fond des brumes
Edward Salim Michael's last work has been published at Editions Guy Tredaniel

Twelve mystical short novels followed by four lectures with questions/answers.


2008 - A via da Vigilancia Interior
Edward Salim Michael's first book, the Way of Inner Vigilance has been published and released in July 2008 in Portugal at Publicacoes Maitreya.


2008 - Vnitrni Bdelost
Edward Salim Michael's first book, the Way of Inner Vigilance has been published in Czech at Pragma Edition.

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Edward Salim Michael

Edward Salim michaelEdward Salim Michael was imbued with what is sometimes called “eternal philosophy,” “philosophia perennis,” or the transcendent unity of religions.

Evidently, he had arrived at that central point from which the great religions can be viewed as converging roads all which permit to reach beyond relative forms.

I am aware of the universal spirit which enabled Edward Salim Michael to unite humanity’s great traditions into the same discourse and the same practice. Today, in our state of antagonistic separation, is there any more urgent task than to bring together in harmony what has been riven asunder?

Jean Pierre Schnetzler Autor of «La méditation bouddhique» (Buddhist Meditation)

On Facebook : texts of Edward Salim Michael

meditation presence

Sayings of the Buddha to his disciples :

There is, monks, an unborn, unbecome, unmade, unconditioned. If, monks, there were no unborn, unbecome, unmade, unconditioned, no escape would be discerned from what is born, become, made, conditioned.

But because there is an unborn, unbecome, unmade, unconditioned, therefore an escape is discerned from what is born, become, made, conditioned.
(Udhâna, VIII).

Ramana Maharshi :

"The Consciousness within purged of the mind is felt as God."

Ayya Khema :

In reality, there is only one truth and mystics of all ages have always found the same truth. There is universal Consciousness and that can be experienced in meditation.
Universal Consciousness is not Buddhist, but infinite. The infinity of space is not Buddhist but just infinity. " 
(Theravada meditation teacher - author of "Being nobody, going nowhere") 

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