Practicing session online of Edward Salim Michael’s teaching

Dear friends,

We are offering until the end of march a practice day of Edward Salim Michael ‘s teachings in the form of a home retreat with video support.

The online sessions are intended to allow those interested to put into practice the teaching of Edward Salim Michael and to be supported by unpublished videos. It is a great opportunity to be able to benefit from his teaching “live” in this way.

To practice at home when you are available (1 day or 2 half-days). You can log in as many times as you want, you just have to re-register each time.

The practice of this day aims to help us hold the thread of our attention in duration, by controlling the mind and keeping self awareness in the present, in order to access another state of being and consciousness which is the basis of the teaching of Edward Salim Michael.

To stay as close as possible to his way of teaching his students, the session includes meditations and meditative walks as well as concentration exercises that are specific to his teaching, he invented them and himself practiced them on the way to Awakening.

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